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 100% pure silk Kyoto Nishijin woven mask


Features of Our Face Masks

Our Kyoto Nishijin Ori Textile is s 100% silk material, woven with strong twisted yarn (called Kyonenshi), it feels good on the skin, absorbs moisture easily, and dries quickly.

In addition, we do not perform any chemical processing on the inner fabric of the mask and use 100% cotton natural material so that it can be applied to people with sensitive skin.

100% pure silk, made in Kyoto, Nishijin woven mask

As the new coronavirus rages, masks have become an indispensable item in our lives. The government also recommends a "new lifestyle" to prevent infection, such as avoiding crowds, taking a social distance, and washing hands. Wearing a mask is also one of the means to prevent droplet infection, and it is becoming established as a manner in public places. We want you to enjoy it as a part of fashion because you wear such a mask every day, to wear high-quality items, and to experience Japanese traditional culture. The mask used, "Wa no Masukusu," was born in the summer of 2020. The outer material is made of 100% pure silk of Nishijin-ori, and it is a sophisticated design that can be worn not only for kimono and formal wear, but also for everyday wear. Since it is made of silk, it has excellent breathability and is comfortable to wear. Comes with an original antibacterial mask case that is convenient to carry. (2nd series, cotton silk mask is sold as an option.)



COVID-19 pandemic has changed the world around us. To prevent the spread, various national governments promote “the new normal”, such as maintain social distancing, hand washing etc .. Wearing the mask is one of the new normal to prevent droplet infection ..  Also wear it in public is  becoming common manners.

Under these circumstances, Kyoto Nishijin-ori Textile traditional craftsmen and ShuShuken Inc. cooperate and strive for developing the new project, which called “WANOMASKS”.

It is made by silk Nishijin-ori textile and various Japanese traditional kimono designs are used.

Even do not wear Japanese Kimono, it matches any style ... casual wears to formal wear.
The material of Silk is excellent in air permeability and comfortable to wear.
  Also an antibiotic face mask case is attached. Please enjoy wearing our luxurious and sophisticated face mask.

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