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​OEM original Nishijin-ori split weaving

Original Equipment Manufacturing
presented by Wanomasks

We accept custom-made Nishijin-ori for temples and companies from desig to weaving. Would you like to make a special Nishijin woven face-mask with the company or institution logo mark?

We accept orders from 500 or more. We also propose woven products with tiles other than masks. For inquiries, please use the dedicated form below.

* About entering your address
Please enter the address in the order of town name, ward / city, prefecture, zip code, and country.
* About specifications for mask
Desired specification example) Outer material: Silk 100% Nishijin-ori
                                                           Inner fabric: 100% cotton fabric, linen fabric, etc.
Note) Complicated shapes are sometimes not possible.  If you have a logo, please check "provide logo" and attach the data.
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