型番:KSK-Blue 色:青


​しょう  けん   に し    じ ん   お り き れ   ど り   しょう  そ う  い ん  か さ ね い ろ     め      も ん    よ う




KIREDORI-SHOSOIN*-Botanics pattern-
Model No. KSK-Blue   Colour: Blue

Fragment of fabric is called "KIRE".  The pattern of this fabric looks like as a patchwork various kinds of KIRE together. This style  called "KIRE-DORI MON" ,which is elegant geometric and botanical patterns are all around it.

Light blue neat mask. Each one has slightly different pattterns and colours. Choose your favorite one.

*The textile name of “SHOSOIN” is come from SHOSOIN. It is an oldest treasure house, which built in Nara era (710-794) and stored approximately 900 treasures in Nara prefecture , Japan.